Põlvamaa Kanepi vald Valgjärve, 63418
Kristi Paalman
372 5270555

Fields of activity
Production and sale of construction chemicals

Since 2000 we have been engaged in the production and marketing of natural wood protection products based on domestic raw materials.
Eco Oil Oü's paint shop in Valgjärve, Põlvamaa offers the best solutions in the form of natural wood protection products suitable for our climate. We have improved our knowledge in cooperation with the German laboratories.
The main raw material, Linseed oil, is a domestic product. The flax fields are located in Mooste in Põlvamaa, on the land of Paali Talu, where oil flax is used on a scientific basis and pressing, resulting in high-quality raw materials for the production of wood protection equipment.
The second most important raw material in our wood protectors is Pine Tar, the production of which we do as far as possible. In part, we also buy pine tar from external partners, which we process to achieve final quality.
Our goal is to give people the opportunity to refine and protect their home and its accompanying wooden buildings, both inside and out with natural linseed oil and pine tar products. High-quality wood protection equipment produced by an experienced and professional team provides protection for wood against moisture, mold and blue hair and highlights the beautiful appearance and durability of the wood for years to come.