OÜ Nurme Looduskosmeetika

Peetri 2, Kose vald, 75101 Harjumaa
Marit Tiits
372 56207326

Fields of activity
Production and sale of cosmetic and natural cosmetic products

‎We do not compromise on ingredients and quality. Every soap, candle, oil – all products in our range of goods are made by hand, using only the best raw materials. In addition to domestic partridges, our products also have valuable oil plants that help skin and hair survive a harsh winter. Unfortunately, avocados, olives, coconuts and shea nuts do not grow in our climate.‎

‎Nurme's choice of natural cosmetics is not limited to soaps. Nurme can be trusted from your whole family's hair to toes. You can go to the sauna together or enjoy a relaxing bath. Nurme has counted on mothers and fathers as well as thinking about the smallest of the family. ‎