OÜ TBD-Biodiscovery

Tiigi 61b, 50410 Tartu
Dr. Andrus Tasa
+372 7472501

Fields of activity
Education, research and development activities in the field of natural sciences

TBD-Biodiscovery is an innovative Estonian company, founded in 2006 by private capital and contributing to modern healthcare and biotech industry. Our business started with contract services and grew up to custom manufacturing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and building up our own products portfolio. Nowadays TBD-Biodiscovery has wide network of partners worldwide (EU, Switzerland, Israel, US, Russia, South Korea and Japan) and has set up regular production of bioluminescence agents and active pharmaceutical ingredients for both human healthcare and veterinary medicines.

TBD-Biodiscovery is focused on small molecule API custom manufacturing.

We provide you with both advanced intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients manufactured under EU-GMP and ISO-9001 standards.

We are your CMO partner starting from the preclinical candidate development until the production of clinical and commercial batches. We start with the idea and transform it into robust technology. Our strong R&D, unique experience, uncompromising quality and deepest commitment is the guarantee of your success on the pharmaceutical market.

Our additional capabilities include synthesis of HPAPI and preparation of ADC (antibody-drug-conjugates) and this is how we contribute to development of innovative anticancer and targeted medicines.