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Detergentide tööstus avas DetNet portaali, mille näol on tegemist ainulaadse võrgustikuga, mis abistab CLP-määruse rakendamisel - eesmärgiks on seostamispõhimõtteid kasutades saavutada puhastusvahenditele leebemad klassifikatsioonid kui seda võimaldavad konventsionaalsed arvutusmeetodid. AISE kutsub ettevõtteid üles portaaliga liituma.

Vaata DetNet eestikeelset tutvustust ja liitumisjuhendit SIIT


Vaata AISE pressiteadet alljärgnevalt:

DetNet launched today

Brussels – 3rd December 2013:  (embargoed till 17:30)

Detergent industry launches DetNet, a unique network to implement CLP Regulation. Detergent companies invited to join! 

On the occasion of its 10th Information Day addressing the topic of safe use of detergents and cleaning products, A.I.S.E. inaugurated today DetNet, the “Detergent Industry Network for CLP classification”. Developed with industry and external expertise, in close dialogue with stakeholders, DetNetaims to help companies establish the appropriate skin and eye irritancy classification for their products in compliance with the CLP Regulation. Through DetNet, all manufacturers/suppliers of detergents and cleaning products can have access to shared test data and expertise to allow for a transparent science-based process for classification, in line with the CLP principles. The detergent industry is the first sector to implement the new CLP concept allowing the formation of an industry classification network for mixtures. Its objective is to help users know the potential hazard of products, securing that those with different hazards are adequately distinguished, based on relevant and adequate labelling. Counting already its first applicants, other companies active in the detergent market are invited to join as soon as possible, allowing them to be ready by 1st June 2015 when CLP fully applies to mixtures

On behalf of European Vice President Antonio Tajani, DG Enterprise Director Gwénolé Cozigou congratulated A.I.S.E. on the DetNet initiative. He said that"DetNet is a very important voluntary initiative of the detergent industry that will help to generate data based on validated and recognised test methods and share it with all detergent companies in Europe. An accurate classification of chemicals is of great importance to both industry and consumers." Other speakers including a Member of the European Parliament, Member States, ECHA, academia, poison control centers, civil society commented on the importance of relevant consumer information and safe use of products.

At the event gathering around 130 attendees from industry as well as various suppliers and related stakeholders, A.I.S.E. representatives highlighted the different activities undertaken by the sector to ensure users’ safety through adequate labelling and consistent communication. Besides activities linked to regulatory developments (whether CLP, Biocides, REACH or Detergent Regulation), A.I.S.E.’s long tradition of  voluntary initiatives, well known in the domain of sustainability, is also applied for the safe use of products, notably with the development of safe use icons that have been used on billions of products for the last 10 years, as well as more recent Product Stewardship Programmes for specific product categories like air fresheners or liquid laundry detergent capsules. Concluding on the event, Charles-François Gaudefroy, A.I.S.E. President mentioned: “Our products are used daily and provide key benefits to millions of consumers and professional customers through the delivery of cleanliness and hygiene. We are committed to securing that those are safe for use, starting with appropriate labelling, and working in partnership with all stakeholders for an accurate and efficient legislative framework complemented by additional voluntary sectoral initiatives”.

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