The Association and our members are professional chemical industry companies whose main goal is long-term and adaptable business that produces a stable added value. We seeks to ensure economic growth, the quality of production, and the welfare of workers and customers through environmental planning, the sustainable and innovative use of scarce resources, the implementation of new technologies and the recycling of materials. At the same time, supportive legislation and investment environment in addition to public awareness and attitudes are also important. Therefore, our association seeks to contribute its competences to designing a suitable framework.

To sum up, sustainability is the umbrella concept we are aiming for in every activity - it is closely and directly related to the circular economy principles, energy and resource efficiency measures, and Responsible Care (and also CSR) initiative. Indirectly, however, all our areas of activities: safety and health of workers, chemical and product safety; process safety; environmental protection; logistics; research and innovation; economy and competitiveness, relations and cooperation with the public and competent authorities, etc, are related to sustainability goals. 

The chemical industry has a very high responsibility, because society is looking for ever more environmentally friendly and healthier products, materials, processes and solutions, and the industry is not allowed to compromise on the quality of products or the health of people, safety and lifestyle. To achieve this, the chemical industry needs an educated workforce, supporting economic framework and stable legal environment.