AS Orto

Suur-Sõjamäe 30, 11415 Tallinn
Mari Pikk
372 6164180

Fields of activity
Production and sale of cosmetic and natural cosmetic products
Production and sale of washing and cleaning chemicals

The Estonian Pure Nature (Puhas Loodus) series offers gentle care through natural extracts and active eco-friendly ingredients. In the series is represented face, hair, body, hand and foot care products, with continuous development being done in our product development center. Orto offers to its customers the best and hopefully everyone will find from our selection the right product. Find out more about the products in the product catalogue!

Orto is a modern manufacturing company that produces cosmetics and household chemicals. Orto considers its 80 year long experience as an irreplaceable value. As a result of new technology, product development and enhanced marketing communications Orto is among the leaders in the cosmetics market in the category of facial care products, rising through its quality cosmetics line to be one of the top three on the market.

The values of Orto are the product development center operated by leading specialists with long-term experience, a good brand ideology and a balanced product portfolio.