Tänassilma tee 27, Saku vald, Harjumaa 76406
Eva-Maria Õunapuu
372 4757201

Fields of activity
Production and sale of cosmetic and natural cosmetic products

‎JOIK's philosophy is that cosmetic products must be effective, honest, as natural as possible and also provide good emotions. All JOIK products are developed and manufactured in Estonia, in our own cozy production building on the edge of Tallinn. The products are handcrafted in small batches and by checking the entire production process from start to finish we can be sure of the quality and freshness of the products.‎

‎In product development, we combine hundreds of tried-and-tested Nordic folk wisdoms with innovative raw materials and production techniques. The creation of each new product is preceded by thorough groundwork and testing to ensure that the best product reaches the customer. ‎
‎In our products, we only use the highest quality raw materials from recognised producers France, Germany, England, Switzerland, the United States and elsewhere. As much as we can, we use Estonian raw materials – domestic rapeseed oil, sea-buckthorn oil, herbs and honey are a place of honour in our products.‎

The main products are scented candles and a wide range of natural cosmetics.‎