AS Eskaro

Fosforiidi 20, 74114 Maardu
Eduard Štivelman
+372 621 7943

Fields of activity
Production and sale of construction chemicals

‎AS Eskaro is a manufacturing company that makes paints, ceilings, plasters, wood protectors, adhesives and other materials. Founded in 1993, AS Eskaro started production in 1995, opening a small factory in Tallinn where a couple of types of paint and glue were produced. ‎The new administrative, storage and production facility built in 2005 in The Deposit made it possible to increase production capacity to 5000 tonnes per ‎year. The product assortment has about 100 different colors, varnishes, plasters, wood protection products, 99% of which are original recipes developed in the Eskaro AS laboratory.‎

The company aims for balanced development in the economic, social and environmental fields, ensuring a high quality of life in safety and in a clean environment today and in the future ‎

Since 2008, Eskaro AS is a member of the international group Eskaro Group AB and adheres to the principles of sustainable development of Eskaro Group AB.‎