Riia Lakid OÜ

Peterburi tee 46a, Tallinn 11415
Aivar Müürsepp
372 6335439

Fields of activity
Production and sale of construction chemicals

‎Riga Varnish and Paint Factory is among the largest manufacturers of paints and varnishes in the Baltic States with a history and experience reaching back more than one hundred years. The company was founded in 1898. 

Our products may be identified by their RILAK brand. We offer a broad range of products for construction and repair works – from priming products to paints for interior decoration and facade paints. We manufacture paints, primers and primers-enamels for long-term protection of metal against corrosion, products for wooden surfaces and furniture, decorative plasters and paints, solvents, fillers, adhesives, road marking paints and other specialized products.

Today Riga Varnish and Paint Factory is a leader in the production of varnishes and paints in the Baltic states. Recently, contacts with a number of countries have been strengthened. Factory output is imported by Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Exports account for more than 50% of total production.‎