Bertschi Estonia OÜ

Kesk tee 10, Jüri, 75301 Harjumaa
Raivo Paljak

Fields of activity
Transport of chemicals

‎Bertschi is a leading company in the European chemist transport market, committed to safety, quality, service and environmental protection. ‎
‎ The aim is to increase customers' profit margins through integrated logistical concepts, logistics outsourcing and support for project management of logistics. ‎
‎ There is a constant commitment to the development of effective intermodal transport concepts, including rail and maritime transport.‎

‎ Volume-chemical‎
‎ logistics Leading role in intermodal‎
‎ transport‎
‎ (intermodal transport)‎
‎ Road transport Global‎
‎ tank container-transport Tank cleaning and repair services Logistics solutions / concepts / SCM / buy-in-partner‎