Ida-Virumaa Kutsehariduskeskus

Kutse 13, Jõhvi 41533
Galina Trofimova
372 3320381

Fields of activity
Education, research and development activities in the field of natural sciences

‎Ida-Virumaa Vocational Education Centre has developed strongly in recent years – buildings and installations, with the support of European Union aid funds. But new challenges are ahead.‎

‎Our school has an important role to play in providing young people with competitive education at the most important attraction in the county. This is what young people themselves, ida-virumaa companies-organisations and the state expect from us.‎

‎The importance of teacher quality is growing. It is the human and professional skills of teachers that help us achieve a new quality in vocational education.‎

‎We need to be able to give students, in addition to our professional skills, the ability to navigate the rapidly changing world around us. With a willingness to lifelong learning.‎