Kullerkupu 2, Kangro, Kiili vald, 75401 Harjumaa
Aivi Saarepuu

Fields of activity
Production and sale of car care and household chemicals
Production and sale of washing and cleaning chemicals

AS ESTKO took up business in 1991, and through constant development, the production and sale of domestic, environment-friendly cleaning products have become the main objectives for the company.

The strategy of AS ESTKO is to be as customer-friendly as possible and to offer the best value for money. Thanks to the quality products, effective advisory service, stable distribution system and favourable payment conditions, the products of AS ESTKO have been met with warm response from consumers in Estonia and also Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Finland.

AS ESTKO has developed a quality, environmental and occupational safety policy, and adherence to it must ensure quality production, compliance with the requirements of both the interested parties and legislation, a safe working environment and prevention of environmental pollution.