Meedres Dangerous Goods OÜ

Formal address: Ladva tn 18, Saue linn, 76506; Site address: Tapri 5, Tallinn 11415
Jaak Karin
+372 5167022

Fields of activity
Transport of chemicals

Meedres Dangerous Goods OÜ offers packaging for dangerous goods FOR ROAD, MARINE AND AIR TRANSPORTATION.

Our team has been trained in the ADR, IMDG and the IATA regulation section.

  • We provide our customers with UN packaging and supplies.
  • We test our packages to see if they fit with customer’s inner packaging if need be
  • Or we produce an entirely new UN specified packaging.

We also offer trainings that cover IATA 1st,2nd, 3rd and 6th category and consultations regarding dangerous goods in the entire length of the supply chain.