Carpenter Engineered Foams OÜ

Peterburi tee 48A, 11415 Tallinn
Janno Kiviorg
372 6339720

Fields of activity
Production and sale of polyurethane foams

Leading the way for more than 70 years.

Founded in 1950, Carpenter Co. is the world’s largest vertically integrated manufacturer of polyurethane foams. Carpenter also serves a diversified global marketplace with polyurethane chemical solutions, polyester fibers, and insulation materials through a network of more than 70 production locations. Our 6,500+ employees across the globe seek to provide the most innovative products and solutions with a focus on enhancing the quality of people’s lives while being a good steward of our resources.

Carpenter Engineered Foams OÜ in Estonia is focused on the production of mattresses, furniture, packaging products and other polyurethane foams.