Perfect Cosmetics OÜ / spin-off of University of Tartu

Tiigi tee 15, Õssu, Kambja vald, Tartumaa 61713, Estonia
Helen Hirv
372 56627889

Fields of activity
Production and sale of cosmetic and natural cosmetic products

‎Lumi, which has a personal experience, supports fresh ideas from global research. In order to guarantee the quality of our products and to provide reliable information in the field of natural cosmetics, we are one of the founding members of the Estonian Cluster of Natural Cosmetics and a research-intensive company from the University of Tartu. ‎

‎We believe in natural skin care, which is strongly associated with the latest scientific achievements. Following these innovations, we offer gentle but effective care for the most sensitive skin. Tartu Biotehnoloogia Park, where LUMI skin care products are ready, has high quality and effective raw materials and controlled processes.‎

‎Products developed in cooperation with Estonian universities are produced in Estonia only from the best domestic raw materials, bearing in mind their effect and interaction with the skin. The result is a new generation of natural cosmetics that do not compromise at the expense of efficiency. ‎LUMI skin care products are based on cold-pressed hemp seed oil.‎